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Iron is an essential nutrient that is naturally found in the body in small amounts. This micro-mineral is needed for a variety of functions in the body, from producing red blood cells to transporting oxygen around the body. Plus, iron plays an important role in reducing tiredness and fatigue.

What foods are high in Iron?

- Liver, but avoid during pregnancy
- Red meat
- Legumes, such as beans and chickpeas
- Nuts
- Dried fruit

We get most of the iron we need from a healthy, balanced diet. But those who follow restricted diets, such as vegetarians or vegans, or those who lose a lot of blood during their monthly period, may need to keep an eye on their iron intake.

Not having enough iron can lead to feeling tired and other health issues. But taking too much iron can be dangerous, so check with your doctor if you're unsure about your nutritional needs.

Ready to beat tiredness and fatigue with an iron supplement? Explore our range of iron supplements, including vegetarian and vegan options too.

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