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Sexual Health Vegan

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Sexual health is an important part of our overall wellness. Enjoying a happy sex life has its obvious perks... But regular sex can even be good for our health, with potential benefits including feeling less stressed, better sleep, and a longer lifespan.

Sex is important to most of us. That's why sexual wellness issues can so easily affect our happiness and mental wellbeing. Libido changes, vaginal dryness, and male performance issues, such as erectile dysfunction, can be distressing. But these issues can usually be addressed by a visit to your doctor, or with some simple lifestyle changes, such as eating healthily, exercising more, and prioritizing your mental health.

Plus, there are a few nutritional supplements that may help you along the way.

What can I try?

  • - Zinc

  • - Selenium

  • - Botanical extracts, like maca root

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