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Children's Health Vegetarian

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Children need a selection of essential nutrients in different amounts to help them develop and grow properly. Getting the right amount of nutrients is important for developing a healthy immune system, as well as supporting growing bones and teeth.

As with adults, the best way to maintain children's health is through diet and exercise. Children spend plenty of time being active through play, but it's up to parents to try and ensure that their children are eating a healthy and balanced diet. Children can be fussy — as their tastebuds develop, certain vegetables, especially green veg like broccoli, can taste very bitter to children. So, it's no wonder that it can be difficult to feed children their five a day.

While a healthy, balanced diet is the best way to nourish your child's development, a children's multivitamin is a good backup to ensure they are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need. Plus, children's supplements always come in easy-to-take forms, such as soft gummies or chewable tablets.

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