Garlic is a member of the allium family, related to onions and leeks, and is well known as a key ingredient in many dishes across the world. Garlic can be divisive due to its distinct taste — it gives food a delicious flavour, but can also leave a strong aftertaste.


Despite the potent odour, garlic is a nutritional powerhouse — it contains trace amounts of almost every essential nutrient, plus high levels of a health-boosting compound called allicin, all while being very low in calories, carbs and fat. Nutrient-rich garlic has traditionally been used as a remedy for heart health and high blood pressure, as well as protection against infections, like colds and flu.


Easy ways to eat more garlic:

  • Fry crushed or sliced garlic in olive oil as a base to any pasta sauce
  • Blend raw garlic into dips, like hummus or baba ganoush
  • Roast whole cloves of garlic until soft, then mix into mayonnaise for easy garlic mayo


If you aren’t a fan of garlic but still want to benefit from this nutrient-rich ingredient, try taking a garlic supplement.


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