Black Elderberry

Often hailed as a superfood, black elderberries are high in vitamin C, fibre, and antioxidants, and can be taken to help fight infections, such as colds and flu. Vitamin C supports immune health, while fibre helps to keep your digestive system in good order, and antioxidants fight against oxidative stress in the body — combined together, these benefits make black elderberry a much loved supplement for overall wellness.


Black elderberries are the fruit of the elderberry shrub, a fruit-bearing bush that you may find along hedgerows and verges during autumn time. They are dark purple in colour, and have long been used for their health and wellness properties. The berries can be toxic if eaten raw, so, instead, a dark syrup is made by cooking together with water and sugar — and this is then used to dilute as a health drink, or added to smoothies or porridge.


Here at Nature’s Truth, we sell a range of black elderberry supplements that make it easy to benefit from this health-boosting berry on a daily basis, including capsules, liquid supplements, chewable tablets, and delicious gummies, with vegetarian and vegan options too.


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