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Five ways to ward off the winter blues

Dark nights, cold mornings, and lockdown fatigue… It’s enough to make anyone feel a little gloomy. But winter isn’t all bad – it also means cosy jumpers, long countryside walks, and lots of hearty food. If you’re still not convinced, keep reading to hear our favourite ways to stay positive this winter.

1. Hunker down and snuggle up

There’s a reason Scandi interiors are so beautiful – harsher weather conditions mean more time spent indoors, so it’s worth investing in a living environment that makes you feel safe and happy. Think cosy yet bright, with plenty of soft lighting and fluffy blankets.


2. Get outside

While it might feel difficult to pull yourself away from your lovely, cosy lounge, getting outside can help to lift your mood and break the monotony of the day. Turn off the TV, wrap up warmly and head outside – whether it’s for a fifteen-minute stroll, or a two-hour bike ride, you’ll feel all the better for it.


3. Have a chat

Pick up the phone and call that friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Or your cousin who you haven’t seen since last Christmas. Or that ex-colleague who used to make you laugh during tea breaks. Whoever it is, catching up with an old friend or relative can put a smile on your face.


4. Treat yourself

It’s dark and cold, so what should you do? Make the ultimate hot chocolate, of course. Find a perfect recipe and add your favourite toppings, from whipped cream to mini marshmallows, for an indulgent hug in a mug.


5. Self-care from within

Looking after your immune system has never been more important, and with winter well under way, we should all be looking for natural ways to boost our immune health. Vitamin C and Zinc are an obvious choice for winter wellness, or try our Elderberry Gummies for extra support in a delicious berry-flavoured gummy.