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From reducing your environmental impact and prioritising the welfare of animals, to seeking many of the health benefits linked to a plant-based diet, there are many reasons why a person might choose to become a vegan – meaning that they stop consuming animal products and by-products.

If your diet consists of plenty of whole foods, fresh vegetables and fruit, then adopting a vegan diet could be one of the healthiest choices you ever make. With many supermarkets and restaurants embracing the dietary requirement, it’s become easier than ever to source healthy meals, snacks and more, whether you’re strictly vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian.

But eating a truly varied and sustaining vegan diet in a fast-paced world where convenience foods are sometimes the only option, you might feel unsure you are hitting all your nutritional goals. Read on for some of the best supplements for vegans.

Why vegans need Vitamin B-12 supplements

Vitamin B-12 is essential for maintaining energy levels and supporting the nervous system.

There are some plant-based sources of vitamin B12, but readily available foods that contain the highest amounts are usually not vegan, such as meat, dairy and eggs.

For that reason, a vitamin B-12 supplements is one that all vegans might want to consider.


Why vegans might take an iron supplement

It’s certainly possible to obtain iron from a vegan or vegetarian diet, from foods such as legumes.

But many people, from vegans to meat-eaters, might find that day to day they are not always eating a sufficiently balanced diet to always obtain the amount of iron our bodies need.

And given that iron is essential to support our red blood cell production, it might be reassuring to take a quality, high-strength supplement. We’d recommend Nature’s Truth Iron.


The benefits of powdered supplements for vegans

Powdered supplements can be a convenient and versatile way to enrich your diet with more nutrients.

Some people choose to mix powdered supplements into a smoothie or glass of juice, but you could also mix them into (vegan) yoghurt to create a healthy snack option.

Discovering the benefits of new foods as a vegan

Taking an interest in how proper nutrition can best support our bodies and wellbeing can be the start of an ongoing journey of discovery.

There are all kinds of nutritious foods that we don’t come across commonly, perhaps because they are hard to store, messy to prepare, or are simply better known in a different part of the world.

Sometimes a supplement can help here.

Try Nature’s Truth Turmeric Curcumin Gummies with Ginger Extract, as another way to give your diet a health boost from turmeric, which it turns out can do so much more than simply add colour to curry.

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