Which vitamins should I take daily?

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Which vitamins should I take daily?

Vitamins are vital to our overall health. Along with minerals, they’re essential nutrients that our bodies need to function properly day-to-day. And vitamins play hundreds of roles within the body.

As a general rule, we know we should be aiming to get the majority of our essential vitamins from the foods we eat. But whether due to lifestyle habits, dietary restrictions or even our personal taste likes and dislikes, many of us will look to supplements to ensure we’re getting our recommended daily allowance.

So which vitamins do we, ideally, need to get every day? And which vitamins support which exact bodily function? Here’s how to choose which vitamins you might want to add to your daily routine.

The best vitamins to support your immune system

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When you are looking to support your body’s immune system (who isn’t?), vitamin C should be one of your first ports of call. It helps to protect cells throughout the body and keep them healthy.

That includes maintaining healthy skin, bones, blood vessels and cartilage, but also helping wounds to heal.

Your body can absorb vitamin C from foods such as citrus fruits, peppers, broccoli and potatoes. You’ll find it in many Nature’s Truth multivitamins.

Or take a targeted, high-strength supplement such as Nature’s Truth Vitamin C with Zinc.

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The best vitamin to support natural beauty

Our overall good health is a top priority. However, a happy side effect of a healthy lifestyle is that you tend to not only feel better, but also look better and naturally more healthy. From glowing skin to strong nails and glossy hair, the vitamins and nutrients we get on the inside can show on the outside.

Biotin – or vitamin b7 – is an ingredient you’ll commonly find in hair, skin and nails supplements. This is because it helps to support that infrastructure of keratin within the body, which is the protein that makes up the above.

Another ingredient many beauty industry professionals are familiar with is vitamin E. It can be used topically on the skin, on scars and stretch marks, and is also important in helping to maintain healthy skin and eyes, as well as fighting infection.

Food sources of vitamin E include wheat germ, nuts and seeds. Alternatively, you could add a vitamin-E supplement to your routine to make sure you’re getting the daily recommended allowance.

You’ll also find vitamin E in many multivitamins, such as Nature’s Truth Adult Multivitamin Gummies – alongside vitamins A, B, C and and D.

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The best vitamins to help beat tiredness and fatigue

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Feeling tired? Don’t just put it down to a less-than-ideal bedtime routine as deficiencies in certain vitamins could also be to blame for feelings of fatigue.

Vitamin B12 – or a lack of it – can be the culprit when energy levels are dipping, especially among vegans (in fact, it’s one of the essential supplements to take if you follow a vegan diet). The vitamin, which is naturally found in fish, meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products, helps to reduce tiredness.

An easy way to get more of it into your life is through our easy-to-take tablets. Make a new daily habit of placing two drops under your tongue to reap the benefits.

For a more fully rounded vitamin B supplement – B vitamins as a group help to boost energy, support metabolism and support brain function.

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The best vitamin to support eye health

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Vitamin A is one of your allies when it comes to eye health, helping to support your ability to see in dim light.

In the UK, the NHS recommends that adults aged 19 to 64 have adequate levels of vitamin A in their diets, at 700ug a day for men or 600ug a day for women.

Try taking a vitamin-A supplement to keep your eyes in good health or make sure you pick a well-rounded multivitamin containing adequate amounts.

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The best vitamin to support blood health

We don’t always give much thought to maintaining good blood health, and yet it’s vital. It might well be something we only properly consider when something has gone wrong, but it’s a good idea not to wait that long.

K is the vitamin – technically, a group of vitamins – that the body needs in order to perform functions including blood-clotting, helping wounds to heal.

According to the NHS, there’s also some evidence vitamin K may help to keep bones healthy. Try Nature’s Truth Vitamin K2 100mcg to get your fix.

Or perhaps high blood pressure is weighing on your mind? Stock up on Nature’s Truth Blood Pressure Formula – a mix of potassium, calcium, magnesium and a selection of B-vitamins, chosen for their ability to support normal blood pressure, as well as the formation of healthy red blood cells and more.

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