Do we all need different supplements? Dr Shireen’s health truths

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When there is so much advice on how to live a healthy life floating around, it can be difficult to know which tips to follow and which to disregard. Fortunately, we’ve asked our Health Expert, Dr Shireen, to share some health truths and myths in an exclusive video.

Watch or read on for Dr Shireen’s insider tips, such as how much water you should really be drinking and whether men and women need to take the same supplements.

Can men and women take the same multivitamins and supplements?

While many supplements can support the health of both men and women, people who menstruate may require different supplements throughout different stages of their lives. Iron can be beneficial during menstruation, for example, while an increase in calcium is sometimes advised for post-menopausal people.

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Health is multifactorial

While we like to believe that our lifestyle choices determine how healthy we are, genetics also play a role in determining whether we are predisposed to certain conditions. While we can’t change the risk, we can do our best to improve our health and well-being through diet and exercise.

Stay hydrated

If you haven’t been drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day, now is the time to start. Water is essential for your health because it hydrates and keeps your entire body running. Are you prone to forgetting? Consider using water tracking apps or setting a reminder on your phone.

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