How to look and feel your best this party season

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How to look and feel your best this party season

You’ve picked out your Christmas dress, and already been thinking about the festive dinner shop – but have you considered how the right combination of supplements can help you look and feel your best this party season?

From the key nutrients to support your skin’s natural glow during all those late nights, to the vitamins and minerals that will help keep you in balance as a month of indulgence kicks in, here’s what you need in your wellness kit to keep you looking and feeling your best all December long.

Keep your skin looking its best

Many people say they notice a link between a healthy diet and lifestyle and the appearance of their skin. It’s thought that drinking water might help maintain our skin’s elasticity (though this hasn’t been scientifically proven), but drinking alcohol has been shown to dehydrate the skin. So, try to be conscious of your intake as the invites for a glass of prosecco come in.

When it comes to hydration, a popular ingredient you’ll often see on face creams is hyaluronic acid; it is thought to aid moisture retention, helping the skin to feel more supple. Add it to your skincare routine from within with a hyaluronic acid supplement.

Studies also suggest that beta-carotene, one of the key nutrients in orange-coloured fruits and vegetables, might benefit the overall health and appearance of your skin – so don’t hold out on the carrots until your Christmas Day roast.

Collagen is another skincare superhero; as we age, our bodies produce less of this important protein that provides our skin’s scaffolding. That means skin can become drier and less elastic. Studies have suggested that taking collagen orally might improve skin elasticity and hydration.

To keep you covered all month long – and beyond – why not add Women’s Multivitamins & Minerals to your daily routine? Ingredients such as zinc (which has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to help fight viruses and bacteria), vitamin A (known for its skin healing and anti-ageing abilities) and vitamin e (an antioxidant that may prevent damage from UV rays) will help your skin to look its best.

Add strength and shine to hair and nails

Autumn/winter fashion trends come and go, but glossy hair and shiny nails are never a miss during party season.

For most people, a well-rounded diet is the primary way to keep their hair and nails looking their best. But if you struggle to find that much-needed balance at this time of year, then call upon a supplement tailored to the health needs of your hair and nails to get you prepped.

Try Hair, Skin and Nail Gummies which contains health-boosting ingredients including biotin, or vitamin B-7– its key benefits include helping your body to effectively produce keratin, the protein that makes up your hair and skin. Keratin is also important for nail health, helping keep them strong and preventing them from splitting.

The formula also contains folic acid, which contributes to red blood cell formation and the growth of new cells in the body.

Keen on the beauty benefits of biotin and alpha lipoic acid? You could also try Nature’s Truth Alpha Lipoic Acid with Biotin capsules.

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Keep your energy levels up

If you find the festive preparations downright exhausting (even while you’re enjoying them), you’re not alone. It’s natural to feel tired when you have a lot on, but if you feel persistently fatigued, speak to your GP.

A balanced diet is essential in helping keep our energy levels healthy, including adequate dietary sources of iron – which can be found in food including red meat and legumes (such as beans and lentils) – and also vitamin C, which helps the body to absorb iron.

Those following a vegetarian or vegan diet can often benefit from added iron, as can women who are having monthly periods. If you’re worried about your iron levels, you might want to consider a supplement, such as iron.

Some people also find it helpful to take a botanical remedy for boosting energy levels, such as ginseng, a root used in traditional Chinese Medicine.

You can browse more Nature’s Truth supplements for supporting energy levels and fighting fatigue here.

Look after your immune system

Winter is the season when we really notice how susceptible we are to colds and other illnesses, and how long it takes to fight them off and feel better.

Certain vitamins and minerals are thought to perform a vital role in supporting our immune health.

These include vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. This essential nutrient isn’t produced in the body, so we need to get all our vitamin C requirements from our diet. You’ll find vitamin C in citrus fruits and berries, among other food sources. You can also ensure you’re getting all you need with the aid of vitamin C supplements.

Getting adequate levels of selenium is also associated with a healthy immune system.
An essential trace mineral (meaning we only need a small amount), selenium helps to counter damaging free radicals. You’ll find it in foods including whole grains and dairy products, or for a selenium supplement, try Nature’s Truth Selenium 200mcg.

And then there’s zinc – which Nature’s Truth nutrition expert Dale Pinnock lists as one of his top immunity boosters. It’s shown to increase the production of white blood cells, which help our bodies fight infections and diseases.

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Remember to make time for self care

The winter months are a fun but frenetic time for many of us, with what can feel like ever-expanding to-do lists of present buying and food shopping, coordinating arrangements to see family and friends over the short window of the Christmas holiday, and potentially a raft of parties and events to get glammed up for.

Whether you love it or feel stressed out by it, the clamour of festive activities can leave us feeling like we have less time to stop and think.

Taking time to still your mind can work wonders for your mental health. If going to a sound bowl meditation or on a long country walk is out the question thanks to your busy schedule, harnessing the powers of relaxing essential oils can help you switch off instead.

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to baths and enjoy a mind-and-muscle easing soak, or add several drops of Nature’s Truth Pure Calming Essential Oil to your diffuser as you read, journal or just check in with your number one priority – you.

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