What are the benefits of biotin?


What are the benefits of biotin?

Can biotin help your hair grow? Or is it more important for your nervous system? We’re sure you’ve heard many things about the wonders of this B vitamin, but maybe you’re not so sure of how exactly it can benefit you.

In a nutshell, biotin is thought to support healthy hair, skin and nails, while B vitamins, in general, are known for helping nerve function.

Keep reading to find out exactly why biotin might be good for you, and why it’s so popular in the world of beauty.

What is biotin?

Biotin is another name for vitamin B7, which is one of the eight different B vitamins.
Together this group of vitamins is also known as the B-complex.

What is the role of biotin in the body?

Biotin helps the body to make fatty acids. Along with the other B vitamins, it’s associated with supporting healthy nerve and eye function, and helping your body convert food into energy. It’s also particularly associated with the healthy growth of hair, nails and skin. For this reason, it’s often included as an ingredient in beauty-boosting supplements.

Which foods contain biotin?

Biotin is found in a variety of foods, but it’s generally only present at very low levels. Foods that contain biotin include egg yolks, nuts and seeds, legumes and liver.

We only need biotin in small amounts in our body, and bacteria that live naturally in our bowel are able to make some biotin. As a result, the NHS says it’s not clear if we need any additional biotin from our diets.

Can biotin tablets help hair to grow?

Biotin is believed to stimulate the production of keratin, the structural protein that forms hair.
It’s also thought it might increase the rate of growth from hair follicles (though we need more evidence to support this).

If your follicles are damaged, or you’re suffering from hair loss – whether due to age or illness – speak to a GP or medical professional for further advice.

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Does biotin make nails stronger?


Biotin deficiency is rare, but hair loss and brittle nails can be symptoms. Biotin helps your body metabolise the amino acids which are the building blocks of hair and nails. Some studies suggest that taking biotin could help strengthen weak nails.

If your nails are very brittle, seek medical advice. The answer could lie in eating a varied, balanced diet.

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How much biotin do I need?

There’s no official recommended daily intake for biotin in the UK. For adults, it’s sometimes recommended that we get 30mcg of biotin daily, with breast-feeding adults needing slightly more at 35mcg.
Most of us get enough from food, but a supplement can help ensure you’re getting adequate levels of biotin each day – especially if you’re looking to support normal healthy hair growth or stronger nails.

Don’t go overboard, however, as excess levels of biotin may be harmful. Guidelines in the EU suggest keeping your daily biotin intake under 970mcg per day, because there is a lack of evidence about the effects of higher doses.

How long does it take to see the results of biotin tablets?

You may see the effects of biotin on, for example, your hair and nails, as they grow. Taking biotin can’t change the appearance of your existing nails or hair, as these are already ‘dead’.

But if you have begun to eat a more healthy and balanced diet or introduced a supplement, your body’s new hair, skin and nail growth is where you will see the effects of any additional biotin.

Biotin is often included in supplements with other beauty-boosting benefits, such as skin-supporting hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E.

You could also take biotin in the form of tasty gummies or in a capsule, with varying strengths available to choose between. See what works for you.

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