5 ways to feel healthier this spring

5 ways to feel healthier this spring | Nature's Truth

Winter can be tough. Tough on our mental health, tough on our relationships, and (for some) tough on our bodies. It’s often more difficult to get outside and exercise, and all too easy to take comfort in eating treats during the long winter months.

But spring is almost here and that means one thing: a fresh start. Lighter evenings and better weather will make exercising outdoors enjoyable again. Bank holidays make for much-needed time off with family and friends. It’s time to shake off the winter cobwebs and put your health first.

1. Get outside

With daylight savings happening in late March, the mornings and evenings are about to get a lot brighter. Try using that extra daylight time to do a sunrise yoga session or go for a walk after work. Spending time outdoors can lift your mood — we need sunlight for our bodies to make vitamin D.

If you’re concerned about your vitamin D levels, consider taking a supplement.

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2. Eat the rainbow

During winter it’s easy to get into a rut eating the same meals over and over. Try varying your fruit and veg intake to include a variety of colours — think beetroot, broccoli, carrot, aubergine, mango and more. If a busy lifestyle means you struggle to cook from scratch, try making a daily smoothie packed with frozen veg, fruit and a scoop of greens powder.

Eating a variety of foods all counts towards a balanced diet, as well as keeping your gut healthy. Try to eat plenty of veggies, fruit, and grains to keep your digestive system in check.

3. Sleep better

Stress has the power to affect our sleep, and when we don’t get enough quality sleep, it can impact on our energy levels, mood, and general health. Try establishing an evening routine to help you unwind. Avoid using your phone and other devices before bedtime, try meditation, or have a relaxing bath.

If you’re struggling to drift off, try spraying your bedsheets with our Sleep Essential Oil Spray Mist to help you relax before bed.

4. Review your diet

The new year is a great time to try a food-related resolution, such as going vegan. Experimenting with your diet and cooking new dishes can be exciting, but if you are cutting out certain types of foods (meat and dairy, for example) you may not be getting all the necessary nutrients to maintain energy levels.

Those following a vegan diet may consider taking a B12 supplement, as vitamin B12 is commonly found in meat, fish, dairy and eggs AKA non-vegan foods. Always ask your doctor for advice on individual dietary needs.

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5. Take time for you

If you’ve spent the last few months focusing on your bodily health, like training for a marathon or lowering your cholesterol, then don’t forget about your mental health too.

Taking time to listen to your mind as well as your body is important for overall health. Keep stress and anxiety at bay by indulging in a little self-care whenever you need it.

Try using aromatherapy to unwind and feel present. We like adding calming essential oils to a sonic diffuser, and then meditate, read a book, or simply breathe deeply and relax.

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