Does yoga build strength? True & false with Emily Harding

If you’re contemplating taking up yoga and wondering if you’re fit or flexible enough to get started, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of yoga teacher and Nature’s Truth’s Fitness Expert Emily Harding, we’re debunking common myths about the practice, and sharing the facts you need to know.

Watch our video below or keep reading to learn Emily’s top tips – who knows, you might just be inspired to roll out the mat and discover a new passion.

Flexibility doesn’t matter

It’s a common misconception that you must be flexible or super fit to do yoga, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey – yoga can be enjoyable and achievable for people of all fitness and mobility levels to join in with, just do a little research into the type of style of yoga you go for when starting out. But if greater flexibility is one of your goals, then rather than worrying about touching your toes, it’s all about just making a start, and enjoying the journey of developing your mobility, rather than fixating on a ‘destination’, as one person’s flexibility might not be available to you, and vice versa! After all, yoga is about much more than just the body.

You can build strength

Yes, yoga can assist you in gaining strength – both physical and mental. When it comes to building strength, there are many yoga styles to choose from, such as power yoga, rocket yoga, ashtanga, and others.

Sweet Savasana

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or a gym-goer, you should always take the time to stretch and recover after a workout. Śavāsana (also known as corpse pose, in which you lie on your back and let your legs and arms drop open in a star shape) at the end of your workouts will help your body and your nervous system return to a state of calm, which is necessary after a vigorous session.

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Emily Harding

Emily Harding

Yoga Teacher

Emily Harding, or Instagram's Yeh Yoga, has a passion for teaching a yoga practice that's inclusive and welcoming to all, especially beginners. She's on a mission to keep toxic diet culture out of wellness (and all our lives!) and wants to help dispel yoga and movement myths. With her knowledge as a yoga teacher, Emily Harding will be here to share her experience and advise on how yoga, mindfulness and breathwork, can transform our physical health and mental wellbeing.