Stamina to recovery, these supplements can boost your workout

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When you’re getting in the zone for a run, gym session or tennis game, sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference – from getting out of bed early and avoiding the snooze button, to wearing clothes you feel comfortable in, to playing Eye of the Tiger in the shower. (Or is that just us?)

But while the above can get us in the right mindset, there are other things we can try to aid our bodies throughout a workout – in particular, getting the right vitamins and nutrients, both before and after. Seeking out certain science-backed foods and ingredients could help supercharge your workouts, as well as support your overall health.

So, check out the following supplements that might aid you during your next cardio session, from increasing your energy levels to speeding along muscle recovery.

Increase your stamina with beetroot

Studies suggest that drinking beetroot juice ahead of exercise might boost your stamina and improve performance. No wonder many athletes will tell you they’re already familiar with beetroot’s energy-increasing effects. Plus, beetroot is often referred to as an all-round superfood – it’s been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, might reduce blood pressure, and it’s rich in folate and iron, too.

It’s easy to add the benefits of beetroot to your diet with Nature’s Truth Beetroot Extract. It provides 3000mg of beetroot per serving and is easy to take daily.

Make sure to meet your calcium needs

You might know that calcium is important for bone health, but did you know that calcium also supports healthy muscle and nerve function? All boxes you’ll want to tick, especially if you regularly work out.

Dairy foods, such as milk and cheese, and fortified vegan-friendly plant milks, can be a source of calcium. Or, if you’re not sure whether you’re always getting sufficient levels of calcium from your diet, you might want to consider a calcium supplement.

Boost alertness and recovery with a caffeine fix

Looking after your day-to-day health is the most crucial element when it comes to getting the most from our fitness regimes. But when it comes to a race you’re competing in, or a sports game you’ve been building up to, a quick caffeine fix might give you a boost.

Most of us know that caffeine can increase alertness, which can make you feel ready to take on a workout and put your all in. However, research has also demonstrated caffeine’s ability to increase fat burning (one 2021 study suggested a strong coffee half an hour before exercising had significant effects), as well as decrease post-workout pain. Try keeping a natural caffeine supplement in your gym bag for days when coffee isn’t an option.

Keep muscles healthy with vitamin D

Vitamin D is a key vitamin for helping keep our muscles and bones healthy. However, it’s one many of us are at risk of being deficient in. The body makes vitamin D from direct sunlight on our skin when we’re outdoors – from late March to the end of September, most of us can get enough this way. However, in the UK, between October and early March, we can’t enough vitamin D from sunlight alone.

There are other ways to provide your body with the vitamin D it needs, such as from your diet – oily fish is a good source, for example, as are egg yolks and some fortified foods. However, the NHS advises that everyone consider taking a daily vitamin D supplement during autumn and winter.

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Lean on magnesium for muscle recovery

After a workout, your muscles need to recover, and magnesium is an essential mineral that helps muscles to relax after contracting. Having levels of magnesium that are too low can leave you feeling weak and sub-par, and also cause symptoms such as cramps.

You can make sure there’s plenty of magnesium-rich food in your diet by eating foods that are rich in it, such as avocados, tofu and nuts.

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