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How to create self-care gift packages for loved ones

Three presents wrapped in brown paper

How to create self-care gift packages for loved ones

Many of us are better at taking care of others than ourselves. So, when you’re choosing the perfect present for friends or family this season, how about giving them the gift of self-care?

Here are some ideas for heartwarming gift packages that you can be sure won’t gather any dust. Make sure you purchase your items first, so that you can choose a gift box that will definitely fit them all comfortably.

Begin by lining your box with layers of colourful crepe paper – you could also add some fragrant dried flowers for that extra-special touch. Then place your gifts on top and tie up your box with a simple ribbon, ready to package and post, leave beneath a Christmas tree, or hand over yourself to enjoy that delighted ‘thank you!’ in-person.

Now just to fill it with the perfect goodies:

For a hard-working parent

Boy embraces mum after giving a gift

While we’re sure most stressed-out parents would like the gift of an uninterrupted night’s sleep, a hiccup-free school run or an evening meal unaccompanied by toddler protests, such novelties are not so easy to box up. But you can prompt frazzled parents to indulge in some me-time.

Start with layering your care package with treats that you’re confident little ones won’t be grabbing at – a high-cocoa content chocolate bar from a quality producer, special-blend coffee beans you know they wouldn’t usually splurge on, or old fashioned sweets reminiscent of their childhood.

Next, try adding something that will help them switch off in minimal time, as lengthy baths and relaxation rituals might be off-the-cards. How about an aromatherapy oil roll-on that can be kept on bedside tables or in baby bags for on-the-go boosts?

A soothing lavender roll on might help calm parents who need to relax after running the gauntlet of toddler tantrums or bedtime duty, while the energising peppermint roll on might be a welcome sensory boost in the morning for the exhausted parent of a new baby.

Last but not least, a self-care package for a parent can be the ideal way to surprise your friend with a gift experience, whether it’s theatre or cinema tickets, or a reservation for an evening meal.

Give a voucher, or carefully create one by hand, that lets your friend know they have a day or night out to look forward to. And – here’s the catch – include a promise that you’ll babysit while they head out and enjoy it!

For a fitness fan

Woman in yoga class

Weights, bicycles and rowing machines make impractical gifts to put in the post, but there’s all manner of fitness kit that works brilliantly as a gift within a self-care package.

Start with the little but essential things, such as a good-quality pair of training socks, toiletry miniatures that are gym-bag must-haves, their favourite protein bars or energy-boosting supplements.

Then try to find something to align with their favourite activity: a reusable water bottle with a hollow grip designed especially for runners, a lightweight backpack for hiking enthusiasts, or a specialised sweat towel for spinning diehards.

If you know outdoor sports is their thing, think of safety-enhancing gifts they might have put off spending money on themselves, but will surely be put to good use. For example, consider reflective clothing to keep them safe while they’re exercising in the dark, or a lightweight, comfortable head torch. Remember, colourful battery-powered lights that slip onto bike wheel spokes aren’t just for children who want to look cool on their BMXs. You’ll find these in many bike shops and adults love them, too.

And why not introduce them to something new this year? Adding a nutritional powder to a morning smoothie is a health-and-fitness win that your recipient will thank you for. Give someone the instant boost of this plant-based formula, which brings together the benefits of wheatgrass, spinach, spirulina and more. It will bulk up your care package nicely, and you can then add smaller items around it.

If you’re feeling extra-generous, wireless runners’ earbuds, developed not to fall out during vigorous exercise, will be the small-but-mighty highlight of your gift box.

For a busy teenager

teenage girl unwraps present

Buying for teenagers is always tricky. So, if you’re not exactly sure what they’re into this year (or even this month), then stick to something neutral they’ll make good use of.

It’s a given that you can fill out gift boxes with their favourite sweet treats, but why not balance things out by adding some health-boosting gummies into the mix – rare is the teenager who is eating a completely balanced diet. How about adding Nature’s Truth Teen Girl Multivitamin & Mineral to their gift box, or a selection of delicious gummies.

In a social-media driven world, it can be nice to give young people physical items to remind them that a world did (and does!) exist away from screens. How about a disposable camera, a letter-writing set, or a scrapbook for memory building? They might find some comfort and relaxation in remembering there are worlds of communication that don’t involve the internet…

A high-quality notebook for personal use as a journal, rather than for study, can be a gift that fosters creativity and self-care. Or go one better and purchase a dedicated diary or productivity journal; many brands now create notebooks with places to write goals, thoughts, gratitude lists and more. Hopefully, they’ll feel inspired to put it to good use, and get into good self care habits from an early age.

And how about something to help bring character to a teenager’s sanctuary – their bedroom? Often this is their only private space, so help them to create an environment where they can switch off when needed, and tune in when needs-must with an aromatherapy diffuser.

Gift your teen with an oil blend to get their self-care journey started, such as a stress-easing essential oil blend, which could be perfect for helping ease tension during stressful periods such as exam time. Or, for a simple lift, there’s the welcome boost of an energy-boosting essential oil blend.

For a beauty guru

two women smiling after sharing christmas gifts

A high-end face mask or an ornate jar of moisturising bath salts might help your beauty-conscious recipient to ring-fence some ‘me-time’; but how about adding something more unexpected, like a microfibre towel that dries hair quickly in the morning? It will leave your recipient wondering how they ever got ready without one.

Another beauty-care-package winner is a quality hairbrush, such as a paddle brush from a haircare or heritage brand. It can feel strangely indulgent to buy one of these for yourself – which is why they make such great gifts. But if that’s more than you want to spend, simply include a handy portable detangling brush.

Treat someone who likes to always look their best to a gift they might not have thought of, like some vitamin gummies that will help do the job from the inside-out. Nature’s Truth Hair, Skin, Nails Gummies help to replenish the body’s levels of key vitamins and minerals.

Premium Coconut Oil also makes a welcome, and potentially money-saving gift, as your friend can use it as the basis for their hair conditioner or skin moisturiser.

Finally, why not support your local independent spa or nail salon by purchasing a gift voucher towards the cost of a facial, massage or manicure, that you can add to your gift box? You never know, someone might even buy you one back!

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