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Essential oils for boosting energy and how to use them

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Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, distilled from flowers, roots, or leaves. Many people use essential oils in order to feel relaxed or to aid with sleep, but they can also help to boost our energy levels.

Essential oils are the basis for aromatherapy: a complementary therapy thought to enhance mental and physical health thanks to the properties that different essential oils have when inhaled or absorbed by the skin. For example, essential oils can be applied topically as part of a massage (oils shouldn’t be applied directly to skin, but diluted with a carrier oil), or they may be added to bath water.

There are qualified professionals who practise aromatherapy as a healing alternative therapy. But when it comes to using essential oils, and enjoying the sensory benefits of their soothing or stimulating scents, aromatherapy is something that anyone can try at home.

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How to use essential oils for aromatherapy

How much kit you want to invest in is up to you, but the good news is that none is required. To benefit from essential oils in a quick and easy way, simply twist the cap off the bottle and breathe deeply through your nose. Avoid getting pure essential oil on your skin, as this can irritate if not diluted properly.

To create a fine mist of essential oils, an electronic diffuser is the ideal way to disperse them into the air in your home, adding your desired fragrance to any room.

Spritzing yourself with an energising essential oil spray can be another easy way to make aromatherapy part of your self-care habits, and can be a handy way to refresh and awaken your senses when you’re on the go.

Which essential oils are energising?

Calming down and unwinding is just one potential benefit of aromatherapy. Certain essential oils are favourites for an uplifting, energising mood boost. These include:

Peppermint as an essential oil

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Peppermint Essential Oil is made from the leaves of the peppermint herb, a member of the mint family. The chemical compound menthol gives peppermint oil its sharp, clean aroma. The refreshing, stimulating taste has seen it become a go-to ingredient for dental hygiene products like toothpaste and mouthwash and – while less good for your teeth – as a flavouring in desserts and confectionery.

But Peppermint Essential Oil is also a popular aromatherapy oil. Its invigorating scent may be beneficial in reducing tiredness and fatigue, and help us to feel energised and ready to tackle the day.

Orange as an essential oil

When you peel an orange or satsuma, do you savour a welcome hit of strong citrus fragrance? It’s this sweet-smelling aroma that’s captured in Orange Essential Oil, which is made by the cold pressing of orange zest. It’s a popular scent and flavouring for a host of cosmetic and cleaning products, as well as in food.

Traditionally, the smell of citrus fruits has been associated with mood-boosting qualities — you’ll often find Orange Essential Oil in blends labelled as energising or calming, depending on the other oils in the mix. For example, orange might be paired with peppermint to help boost your energy, or with lavender for relaxation.

The mood-lifting properties associated with Orange Essential Oil also make it a great choice for helping to ease stress and anxiety.

Lemon as an essential oil

Another sunny citrus fruit, this time with added zing. Lemon Essential Oil which is made from the cold-pressed peel of the fruit, is widely present in an array of household products, from scented candles to washing detergent.

A refreshing lemon aroma helps to awaken the senses, and the uplifting properties of lemon essential oil make it a popular choice for fighting anxiety and stress.

Essential oil blends

Pure essential oils contain the oil of only one plant source, such as peppermint or orange, whereas an essential oil blend contains a mixture of one or more pure essential oils to create a synergistic formula.

Using an essential oil blend can be helpful to reduce tiredness and boost energy, as it provides a combination of uplifting aromas into one convenient bottle.

Nature’s Truth Energy Essential Oil, with grapefruit, bergamot, orange and tangerine, is full of citrus aromas to help pick you up if you’re feeling less than sharp.

Or try some happiness in a bottle: our Happiness Essential Oil offers the benefits of fresh scents, including lemon, spearmint, and tangerine, to brighten your day.

Explore our range of energising essential oils to help beat fatigue, boost energy levels and lift your mood.


*Disclaimer: Always read the instructions on the bottle. Essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil before applying directly to skin.

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