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Libido-boosting supplements to jump start your sex drive

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Hoping to spice up your sex life? If you want to increase your libido naturally, taking a supplement may be the answer you’re looking for. A healthy sex life has numerous benefits, ranging from stress reduction to mood enhancement – so think of this as a friendly reminder to, ahem, keep it up. But, getting into the mood isn’t always straightforward, especially when there are underlying health and lifestyle issues at play. Anything from lack of eating a balanced diet to not getting enough exercise can cause your sex drive to diminish.

So, how can you increase your libido naturally? The key to reviving your sex drive is to identify and address the underlying causes. However, you could also consider including some libido-boosting supplements in the mix for extra support. Here are the best ones to add to your shopping basket.

Which libido-boosting supplements do I need?

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Before you consider adding sexual health supplements to your regimen, check with your doctor to see if any of your medications or underlying health issues could be the source of a low sex drive. Certain medications and sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, can also affect your sexual appetite.

That said, it’s very common for our libidos to fluctuate, and the best way to manage this is to make the right health and lifestyle choices, while taking the right supplements to support your sexual health goals can also help. Discover our top picks, now!

Maca root for an overall libido boost

Let us introduce you to maca root, also known as Peruvian ginseng. This adaptogen – a non-toxic plant extract that can help the body resist the effects of stress – has a long history of use as a natural remedy to help boost male libido and fertility. Aside from these benefits, this plant is well-known for its ability to boost energy and endurance, both of which can improve sexual performance. This is all thanks to the p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, the tongue-twister chemical within maca root said to have aphrodisiac properties.

So, what have studies revealed about this wonder plant? Some research suggests that maca may improve libido, particularly in men with mild erectile dysfunctions. According to a 2015 study, there is also some evidence to support maca’s ability to reduce sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women taking antidepressants. Though these findings are positive, and there are many anecdotal reports, there isn’t enough scientific proof to definitively show that maca can cure any sexual health problems, and more research is needed.

If you’re in need of an overall libido boost, you could look into adding Nature’s Truth Maca Root or Nature’s Truth Black Maca Complex into your kit (the latter provides you with two types of maca root extract).

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Ginkgo biloba and L-arginine for female sexual health

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If you’re familiar with your botanicals, you might have heard of ginkgo biloba, an extract from the ancient Chinese ginkgo tree. Speaking generally, it’s been linked in some studies to better brain function and reduced symptoms of anxiety – and improved overall wellbeing is only likely to benefit your libido down the line.
But it’s also anecdotally reported to help with female sexual function on a physiological level, linked to boosting blood flow and relaxing muscles. So, if trouble relaxing in order to ‘get in the mood’ is an issue, this might be the supplement for you. Try Nature’s Truth Ginkgo Biloba 12,000 mg to see if it works for you.

L-arginine, which is more popular as a fitness supplement, might also help – for women as well as men, as it’s also linked to improved blood flow.

Want to give either a try? Check with your GP about the best dosage ahead of starting a new supplementation routine, being clear about what you’re already consuming.

Zinc for male sexual health

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Zinc is the one supplement that men should take for their overall sexual health, as it supports the production of the male hormone testosterone. If you already get enough of this mineral from your diet, you won’t need to worry about supplementing – but if you don’t, it’s worth adding to your routine. Why? Because it promotes the formation of healthy sperm and has also been linked to an increased libido.

Can women reap the benefits as well? According to some research, this mineral may help support female reproductive health as well as possibly improve sexual function and desire in postmenopausal women. Though encouraging, this research is limited and requires further investigation. However, aside from its suggested sexual benefits, zinc is excellent for supporting immune health, so you can’t go wrong with it.

The sex spice of the moment: fenugreek

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You may well already have fenugreek in your pantry; it’s a popular spice that has been used for centuries in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. What you might not know about this prevalent ingredient is that it has allegedly amazing sexual health benefits as well. So much so, fenugreek supplements have even been a hit on TikTok!

Saponins, which are bioactive compounds found in fenugreek, may influence or support hormone production, including sex hormones. Positive research suggests that this spice improves libido in both men and women, with the supplement also having the ability to slightly boost testosterone levels. Promising, right?

If you’re wanting to spice up your sex life, Nature’s Truth Fenugreek Extract just might be the best libido-boosting supplement for you to try!

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The best vitamins for your sex drive

What other vitamins and minerals can help promote a healthy sex drive? Any that are linked to improving your mood and energy, like vitamin D or B12, are a good place to start. Covering your bases with these essentials can help with your overall health, too.

The truth about sexual health supplements

There are numerous libido-boosting supplements on the market, but they should not be used as a miracle cure – instead, they should be used to support a healthy sex life in general. If you have a low libido, talk to your doctor first and see what they recommend before incorporating other new supplements into your routine.

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Disclaimer: Check with your GP before starting a new supplement regime.

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